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Specializing in ultrasound service and support, ultrasound systems, ultrasound parts, and ultrasound transducers/probes, Trisonics, Inc. is an ultrasound imaging partner dedicated to providing its customers with cost-effective solutions and exceptional, personalized service. With expertise in multi-vendor system repair and sales, our experienced staff will effectively guide you to the right solution for all of your ultrasound needs. As an independent company, Trisonics has the knowledge, experience, and flexibility to make the necessary decisions to expedite customer service and exceed expectations. Our inventory includes New, Used, and Refurbished Ultrasound Systems and parts from major brands of Ultrasound Manufacturers; Including GE Ultrasound Systems, Philips Ultrasound Systems, Siemens Ultrasound Systems, Sonosite Ultrasound Systems, Toshiba Ultrasound Systems, and more.

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