Trisonics Inc.

Meet Our Service Engineers: Dan Cohick

Meet Dan Cohick!

Name: Daniel Cohick

Title: Territory Manager / Service Engineer

Email: [email protected]

Cell Phone: 717-497-6154

Years with Trisonics: 2.5 years

Service Area: Central Pennsylvania, Maryland

Education: Bachelors Degree, University of Phoenix

Why you decided to be a Field Service Engineer: The opportunity fell in my lap to get back into working with electronics again in a similar field which I have experience. 

Advice you wish someone had given you when you first started working with ultrasound: ANYTHING!

Tip every ultrasound user/owner should know: Ultrasound Gel is A LOT easier to clean BEFORE it dries!

Favorite part of your job: Traveling/Scenery 

Something people might not guess about you: Not much, I’m a pretty open book.

What’s playing in your car when you’re driving to work on an ultrasound machine: Who knows? Podcasts, Metal, Country, Hip Hop, Talk Radio…All depends on the day.

Favorite food: Usually ANYTHING, I got 4 kids so I’m a human dumpster after meals….but if I had to pick one… it would be cheesecake.

One item on your bucket list: Retirement.