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Meet Our Service Engineers: David Nye

Meet David Nye!

Name: David Nye

Title: Senior Territory Manager

Email: [email protected]

Cell Phone: 484-332-0831

Years of Experience:  11 years

Years with Trisonics:  11 years

Service Area: Central PA and Northern MD

Education: Associates Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology

Why you decided to be a Field Service Engineer: Everyday is different. I enjoy being out and about and being at different locations every day.

Advice you wish someone had given you when you first started working with ultrasound:  “Don’t worry this will get less complex”. It is amazing how much has changed in the last 11 years in the ultrasound world. When I first started the number of circuit boards in a system was mind boggling. Now most systems are being built with 3-7 main circuit boards. It makes troubleshooting easier but diagnosing the problem can be just as tough. 

Tip every ultrasound user/owner should know: Remember the basics. Although it is very complex system, stick to the basics. Keep it clean and running cool. If something does go wrong remember or write down the basic information. What were you doing when the error occurred, what time did the error occur, was there an error code?

Favorite part of your job: Helping people. Whether it be fixing systems, helping pick a new system, or making sure the system is scanning at it's full potential for the most accurate diagnosis. We get to help people every day. 

Something people might not guess about you: I started dating my wife when we were 14, got engaged the week after high school, and have been happily married for 14 years with four boys. 

What’s playing in your car when you’re driving to work on an ultrasound machine: Podcasts, mostly about mountain biking and cycling. 

Favorite food: Any type of Seafood.

One item on your bucket list: Compete in the BC mountain bike stage race.