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Meet Our Service Engineers: Hobie Sears

Meet Hobie Sears!

Name: Hobie Sears

Title: Senior Territory Manager

Email: [email protected]

Cell Phone: 937-654-6667

Years of Experience:  29

Years with Trisonics:  6

Service Area: Western Ohio, Eastern Indiana, Central and Northern Kentucky

Education: Bachelors Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology

Why you decided to be a Field Service Engineer: I actually had to be convinced! That was a more than a few years ago and I thought I wanted to sit at a desk or be in an office on a day to day basis. I can say now that listening to family, friends and my first employer about how great the field can be was the best decision of my career. 30 years later being in front of our customers everyday is still a blast!

Advice you wish someone had given you when you first started working with ultrasound:  I'll go with advice I was given, get the basics down and everything will build off from there. It's totally true, to be great at what we do at Trisonics means that we start at the beginning and build our expertise from there. That's how we cultivate true experts in ultrasound at Trisonics.

Tip every ultrasound user/owner should know: Ultrasound systems of today do need occasional cleaning of things like fans, filters, trackball, monitor and touch screens. Also, if you never turn on the lights in the scan room you might want to do that and see where your unit could use cleaning, you might be surprised!

Favorite part of your job: Working with different people each day, and being tested by the variety of issues that an ultrasound system can throw at me each day.

Something people might not guess about you: I can't cook, I mean at all, I'm just terrible! Thankful that my wife is an excellent cook. I clean the dishes, it's really better for everyone this way.

What’s playing in your car when you’re driving to work on an ultrasound machine: Audio books most of the time these days. Occasionally it's something professional / educational but mostly just a good story.

Favorite food: If I have to pick one it would be steak or dessert, so well I guess that's two!

One item on your bucket list: Short term, planning a 25th anniversary vacation for my wife and I for next year.