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Acuson Sequoia Ultrasound System Networking

The Sequoia ultrasound system is very particular when it comes to Network/Dicom setup and editing. Sequoia networking setup is a more advanced level of interaction with the Sequoia, if you are not familiar with the service tools this may be a task in which you ask for help. Provided is a list of guidelines that will help keep you out of trouble when setting up or editing a Sequoia network.

These guidelines are the same for creating a new network or editing a network. We call them guidelines because with the Sequoia and networking it never seems that there are hard fast rules. It is realized that there is more than one method to accomplish these edits to the network configuration. However, 15 years of Sequoia experience provides the safest and best guidelines for success.

Sequoia Networking Guidelines:

1. Always create a SYSTEM and CONFIG backup before any Network creation or editing (SYSTEM contains all Sequoia system specific information; CONFIG contains the Network setup information).

2. Create or edit a network configuration by booting to imaging and selecting Service UI from the setup button. Never boot to service to create or modify a network.

3. When creating a new network configuration, called Network Host List, start fresh and do not edit the “service” configuration.

4. Always enter a router but do not name it “router”, name it something other (“gateway” works well).

5. Never edit the Sequoia loopback address, this should be preset in every network and the Sequoia should not let you edit it. It should always be a “Network Host”.

6. Never edit an existing device, always delete it and re-enter the device as a whole.

7. Never select the “edit in all network” or “delete from all network” button.

8. The Sequoia itself is always a “Hostname”.

9. When changing Network speed it is often that you must turn the unit off, not just let it reboot. Sometimes a reboot alone can cause unpredicted results.

10. When a Perspective PC is involved, you cannot edit the Sequoia address or the Perspective PC address from the currently active Network. You must first switch to a different network scheme, often one exists called “Standalone”. Failing to do this properly will result in the Perspective PC not functioning with the Sequoia.

11. If you have problems, use the backup disk to restore your settings.

12. When all done, create new SYSTEM and CONFIG backups.