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GE Logiq 9 BEP Power Supply

There is nothing worse than that call first thing in the morning saying, "Help, my ultrasound system will not turn on!" When it comes to the GE Logiq 9, the two biggest contributors to this are Software and the Backend Processor Power Supply or BEP Power Supply. The first question to ask is if the power button changes from amber to green. If it does not or changes for a second or two, chances are, it is a problem with the BEP Power Supply.

The supply is located in the BEP itself located on the left side of the system if looking at it from the front. Remove the left side plastic cover, as well as the BEP cover and the supply, is located in the top left corner of the BEP. Before replacing the supply verify that there are approximately 220-240 volts coming into the supply. If your voltage is coming in correctly, chances are, you need to change out the supply.

To change the supply, disconnect the power cable coming into the supply as well as the power cables that go to the drives, circuit boards, batteries and jumper cables. The supply is held in by 4 screws on the back of the BEP tower as well as screw at the top of the CEP and a bracket that supports the PCBs.

When installing the new supply, make sure you connect all cables back up the same way you removed the old ones and mount the supply properly to the BEP. Before turning on the system, make sure the switch on the power supply is turned to "on" and do NOT change the red circuit breaker switch to 120!

Try to power on the system using the power button on the lower ops panel and watch the system boot up.