Trisonics Inc.

Trackball and User Interface Cleanliness

Have you ever had a trackball that was sticking or wouldn’t move easily? Proper cleaning and care could extend the life of your trackball. Hopefully, this will result in less downtime and certainly no grief. Follow these simple steps to prolong the life of your UI and trackball.

1: Never touch the trackball or any part of the user interface with gel on your hands. When the gel dries it sticks to dust or dirt and breaks down and makes its way into all the hard to reach places. Making cleaning difficult and could cause permanent damage your UI.

2: If you trackball can be removed, you can easily remove the ball and clean the rollers inside. (Depending on the system, you may have to open the UI to access the trackball) Most trackballs have 2 to 3 or more rollers inside. Use alcohol or any approved electrical cleaner to clean the rollers in all directions making sure they are spinning freely.

3: If you cannot remove the trackball, at least make sure you blow out any dust that may be hiding inside your control panel. This not only saves your trackball but your whole UI. Electronics hate being dusty.

Cleaning your trackball and user interface will make your life and your engineer’s life better. If you wouldn’t work on your personal computer with gel covered fingers why would you do it at work? Plus, clean fingers help you type faster!

Gus Grimes- Trisonics' Territory Manager